Finance and Insurance

- The participation fee due to the Organizing Committee (by fully paid-up members of AUSF) for each member of the official delegation is 60 USD per day per person for a maximum of 18 persons of one team (12 athletes, 5 officials, and 1 referee). Those who failed to send a referee will be fined USD 1,500 to the Organizing Committee.

- Each participant from AUSF members will be charged 10 USD as the AUSF Registration Fee before the issue of Registration Card, while each participant from Non-AUSF members will be charged 20 USD. The payment is made to the CIC Committee of AUSF directly.
- Each delegation must have insurance for all members of its party. This must cover life insurance, medical insurance, public liability, property and travel insurance.

Team deposit of USD 3,000

Beneficiary’s name: Mongolian Student Sports Federation

Beneficiary’s account number: 1102167587

Beneficiary’s bank: GOLOMT BANK OF MONGOLIA


Address of beneficiary’s bank: Main business center, Trade Street 6/2, Chingeltei district, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Tel: (976) 70117676, Fax: (976) 70003301